Social Distancing Monitoring

Sociadex™ - The AI Tool for COVID-Safe Environments


Make your premises COVID-secure

Sociadex™ is Shapes AI's new platform to automatically monitor and manage COVID-safe behaviours on premises in real time

As seen on BBC's Click programme. Sociadex™ has been implemented with international creative workspace provider, Second Home. Your office return could be sooner than you think...


Catalyse Growth by Increasing Safety

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Increase Compliance

Prevent deadly COVID-19 outbreaks disrupting your business operations

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Restore Confidence 

Safely welcome back more customers and staff to your premises

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Enhance Your Brand

Be known as a leader for COVID-safety

The Sociadex™ Platform

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Receive Live Alerts

When the Social Distancing Score falls below a set threshold, staff and customers can be notified via mobile.

Helping to improve adherence to social distancing protocols on your premises

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View Data Insights

Track distancing and crowding data over time and across different locations to make cost-effective decisions on future containment efforts

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Display a Social Distancing Score

Display your Social Distancing Score on your premises and online to restore customer confidence in visiting

What's Your Social Distancing Score?

Through AI GDPR complaint analysis of your existing camera feeds Sociadex™ generates a Social Distancing Score. This is calculated from range of factors, including:

  • Distance between people

  • Presence of face coverings

  • Room occupancy levels

  • Dwell time

  • Behaviours inc. coughing


Who We Serve



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Retail Stores

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Train Stations

Hospital Corridor


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Cargo Ship at the Port


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Cafés & Eateries


How It Works

Security Camera
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Cameras Capture

Input video footage from any device, including CCTV

Sociadex™ Analyses

Videos are processed via the cloud, on-premise or on-device

You Take Action

Notifications and insights are presented on actionable user interfaces


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